Chill Spot: Chic Decors at Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen

By Stylish Team

The Stylish Team is currently smitten by the hole-in-the-wall interior design showroom on Chino Roces Street in Makati City called Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen.

Being in the interior design and decor manufacturing industry for decades, Dutch national Paul Cornelissen has been providing luxe home decors internationally to clientele with discriminating tastes, when he came across a talented craftsman in Pampanga, Philippines during his travel years back. The pivotal moment of falling in love with the detail-orientedness of the Kapampangan craftsmanship made the visionary decide to build a manufacturing production house in Pampanga, and the Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen design showroom in Makati City.

We caught up with Sophie Gotan, Fashion Interiors’ in-house designer, on the latest trends when it comes to space decors this year.

The interior designer higlighted that the use of the boucle fabric is the chicest option in the home decors right now, the most sought-after material and most on-trend in the interior design scene this 2024. And such material is highlighted in the current collections of the house.

The Area 1-B Collection was first inspired by organic hues, or neutral and earth tones, with pieces following through the making of the Tiffany sofa.

“The Area-1B Collection by Fashion Interiors was launched in March 2024. The overall aesthetic of Area 1B leans towards organic shades and eclecticsm. It’s a combination of different kinds of design themes, like the Tiffany sofa was inspired by rock formations, while the Tiffany table is reminiscent of a chessboard,” Sophie explained.

The Area 1-B Collection by Fashion Interiors, with the Tiffany sofa, Tiffany table and Indra lounge chair
Tiffany table from the Area 1-B Collection by Fashion Interiors

“The Tiffany table embodies a contemporary elegance with a touch of playfulness. It features clean lines and geometric shapes reminiscent of a chessboard, with contrasting three kinds of woods: ashwood, pinewood and mahogany. The overall look is sophisticated yet approachable, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements,” the interior designer added.

“While the Tiffany Sofa, on the other hand, exudes a whimsical and organic charm, resembling natural rock formations with its irregular, rounded shapes and uneven textures. It often features earthy tones and soft, curved edges that evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation.”

For the Tiffany sofa, the Fashion Interiors design team used three kinds of fabrics: lash, velvet and sheep’s wool.

“The lush fabric is the longer version of velvet,” Sophie added.

According to Sophie, the Tiffany table and Tiffany sofa are best placed in the living room area with modern, or eclectic interiors as they can serve as a focal point due to its distinctive design. Each piece complements spaces with a contemporary aesthetic, such as a minimalist living room or a stylish office lounge.

“The Tiffany sofa was the initial focal point of the Area 1-B collection, then the other pieces just connected to it. Like the Indra lounge chair— it was inspired by and connected to the Tiffany sofa to complement it.”

“The Indra lounge chair was inspired by the shape of a water drop, or flowing water. The curve is like the flowing water, and the name Indra is a Sanskrit name which means ‘possessing drops of rain’,” she shared. “The Indra lounge chair features the use of the trendy boucle fabric, too.”

The Indra Lounge Chair from the Area 1-B Collection by Fashion Interiors

Shophie also highlighted that the eccentricity of the Tiffany table, as well as the uniqueness of the other seat creations were made to be conversation pieces, drawing the people closer during casual get-togethers or home parties.

The Bar Area Collection 2024

Entertain your guests in chic yet laidback decors with The Bar Area Collection 2024 by Fashion Interiors.

“For our Bar Collection, we also used the boucle fabric for the Heather sofas, and the pattern, shape and design of the sofas were inspired by the honeycomb,” she said.

Heather sofa from the Bar Area Collection 2024 by Fashion Interiors

“For the Heather sofa under our Bar Collection, we used the boucle and pixel page fabrics. The colors are a fusion of nude and beige. The shades are warm so your visitors can instantly feel welcomed, at home and warm.”

The Palma Table from the Bar Area Collection 2024 by Fashion Interiors

“The Palma table is a combination of glass metal and Anahaw wood, and the top glass is a specia diamond-cut glass, the same one used for the engagement rings for women. The Anahaw wood materials complement the metal brass,” she said.

“The Bar Area is a mix of our March 2024 Collections– the Palma, Heather, Baccarat, & Michigan Collections. The vibe mimics a modern stylized Filipino Lanai, infused with honeycomb and stripe patterns inspired by bees from the Heather Sofa and Baccarat Dining Chair. On the other hand, one of the areas in the showroom, which I like to call ‘the Bachelor’s Pad’ features a dark and strong personal style tailored to the modern single man’s lifestyle from my own perspective,” she concluded.

If you’re currently shopping for statement interior design pieces, wanting a consultation with an interior designer, or simply desiring to chill in an Instagrammable space, you may visit Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen located at 2307 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City. For updates, you may follow the interior design company on Instagram @fashion.interiors.