Cosmobeauté Philippines: Culture Salon MNL Creative Director Jim Ryan Ros on Sustainability in Beauty

By Stylish Team

Event host Ms. Annabelle Ma Tate McDonell, Miss Charm 2023 First Runner Up, with esteemed panelists Mr. Jim Ryan Ros from Unified Makeup Artists of the Philippines and the Creative Director of Culture Salon, Dr. Candy Drilon-Dalman from Centro Holistico Integrative Health and Wellness, and Ms. Lala Flores, Celebrity Makeup Artist and CEO of Inked Beauty Studio

The beauty industry in the Philippines is becoming more and more dynamic, with the growing number of cosmetic brands, skincare products, beauty salons and aesthetic clinics. Such energy is poised to be gathered in one big trade show designed for the beauty industry by London-founded event organization Cosmobeauté Philippines, slated June 4-6 next year at the World Trade Center in Metro Manila.

During the soft launch of Cosmobeauté Philippines at the Admiral Hotel-M Gallery in Manila recently, we’ve caught up with one of the forces behind the big trade event: beauty maven and personal image expert Jim Ryan Ros. The business development manager of Aces & Queens talent agency and the creative director of Miss Universe Philippines official salon sponsor Culture Salon MNL, pageant coach Jim has been distinguished in moving forward the beauty industry in the Philippines.

During the soft launch event of Cosmobeauté Philippines at Admiral Hotel, we’ve caught up with Jim Ryan for a brief chitchat on his journey so far as a beauty maven, his thoughts on beauty trends these days and more.

Influenced by an aunt who owned a salon, Jim was exposed to the magic of the beauty business early on in his life.

“I love doing both makeup and hairstyling. My early influence probably when I was young was my auntie who owned a salon parlor back in the day. I was exposed to makeup as I watched clients being glammed up by my aunt’s team. After college, I really took the time to stidy makeup artistry in Sydney, Australia. Initially, it was a competition for Maybelline as they were searching for the next color artist,” Jim narrated.

After than, he took an apprenticeship under makeup artist Barbie C0han.

“I started in 2005 with bridal care and stuff, but professionally I would say it was that moment with Maybelline when I became their color artist that I started to work professionally. After than, I’ve been giving consultancy for brands like L’oreal and Inglot Cosmetics,”

For hair, he was trained by legends Teng Roma and James Cooper.

“With hairstyling, I was also representing brands like Revlon Professional as we launched it here in the country. I was the official L’oreal artist and Revlon for hairstyling. When Revlon launched the professional line, I was one of their educational managers. With those stints, I’ve helped a lot of beauty entrepreneurs set up their own salons with different concepts, and I’d done that for the longest time.”

Sustainability in Beauty

Finally, by 2019, Jim decided to start his very own salon.

“I told myself that I should build my own, after helping several people. In 2019, I started working in the concept of Culture Salon MNL in BGC, Taguig. I was in Paris in 2019 when the idea came to me, as I saw organic hair products within Europe. Fortunately, a good friend of mine was the educational manager of Aveda, so I found a good partner in terms of plant base and vegan products for the salon so everything now at Culture we offer plant-based and vegan hair product.

“They are very safe even for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, so no need to worry about having a hair colour. I’ve researched more about sustainable sourcing, so that has been my direction for Culture Salon,” he said.

“The reason I’m supporting Cosmobeauté Philippines is because I attended their event edition in Singapore inn 2022 also under Cosmo, and they were teaching about sustainability in beauty and wellness,” he added. “We were taught how can we promote beauty and wellness together with sustainability.”

The realization came to Ros that aside from offering plant-based and vegan products in his salon, he can further advocate sustainability in the beauty business.

“You can practice sustainability by trying to minimize our wastage, trying to avoid single-use plastic. I even saw some professionals using corn husks or banana leaves in their beauty products, and I am currently studying those,” he said

Cosmobeauté Philippines 2025

Cosmobeauté Philippines is actually a rebranded edition of PhilBeauty that had run from 2014-2019.

“Formerly PhilBeauty, this event organization has been having me as their workshop consultants. For Cosmobeauté Philippines 2025, we are bringing back hair and makeup workshops, masterclasses, competitions and of course, the exciting Cosmobeauté Philippines hair show with the help of Unified Makeup Artists of the philippines org (UMAP).”

Practical Beauty Hacks

Filipinos love their beauty queens, and Jim explained how beauty junkies can incorporate today’s trends from the lens of beauty pageantry.

“Beauty queens are very aspirational. The recent win of Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Chelsea Manalo really made a big impact in opening our eyes that beauty comes in all forms, sizes and colors. So the typical beauty standard that Filipinos has been broken, and I think with social media, the world is getting smaller but our mindset is becoming global.”

“Like, before back in the day, we only had four shades for foundation, none were for morenas like Chelsea. So as a makeup artist, you had to blend various products and be resourceful to be able to provide a shade for the morena skin tone, and there’s a feeling of guilt that you can offer limited makeup products for morena girls. But now, I am very proud that global and local makeup brands alike offer a wider range for skin foundation tones, and it really does give opportunities to everyone to explore products not just for beautification, but to enhance one’s confidence. So I think, the world is healing and evolving,” Jim said in jest.

So, what are Jim’s makeup tips basing on today’s fresh take on beauty?

“These days, there’s no reason to be so brand-conscious. Work with the budget you have as there are more offerings these days when it comes to beauty. Universal shades of brown for eyeshadows work for everyone, whether you’re a mestiza or morena like Chelsea. You can never go wrong with shades of gold, brown and bronze for eyeshadow, from day to evening — you just play with the intensity.”

“Of course, you can never go wrong too with blush as it gives a radiant glowing effect on skin. Then on the evening, that’s the time you add your favorable contour or bronzers,” he said. “Ever Bilena has a really pigmented shade for blush, while BLK has very nice eyes and lip products that are multi-use, perfect for young ones on a budget.”

“The fairer your skin tone is, the lighter shade of the color works for lips. And the deeper your skin tone goes, the darker shade of color works. So like for Chelsea, the fuschia, maroon or reddish pink for lips will compliment her skin tone, and that makes her stand out.”

“For haircare, invest in good products like you’d invest in skincare. Vegan and plant-based shampoos and conditioners like from Aveda. Going organic and sustainable is the way to go,” he said. “That’s why I’m excited for CosmoBeaute Philippines because I believe I can see how the new local brands can help push ideas that will launch the vegan and plant-based lifestyle for us.”

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