Doncris Cacao Officially Introduces Chocolate Line With Cacao Truffles Collection

Quezon City, Philippines– Doncris Cacao officially launched its chocolate line at Cafe Romulo in Quezon City through an intimate gathering with the press last January 20, 2024, starting with the introduction of its pioneer chocolate line: the Doncris Cacao Truffles collection.

Christina Maciba, founder of Doncris Cacao, emphasized why her company focused on starting their chocolate product segment  with an elite truffle line, instead of the usual chocolate bars. 

“We are envisioning to put the Philippines in the global map when it comes to premium, luxurious chocolates, because our cacao beans can produce truly premium chocolates that are at par with the world-renowned Belgian and Swiss chocolates,” Chistina shared.

The Doncris Cacao founder was joined by the lifestyle writers and editors from Philippine Information Agency, The Metro Edit, Stylish Magazine and more. The intimate launch was filled with heartwarming stories over great food and wine, and of course, Doncris cacao truffles and tablea drinks.

Christina Maciba, founder of Doncris Cacao with Gretchen Fragada, EIC of Metro Edit

Christina shared with the press the story of Doncris Cacao, which started with the history of the Doncris Farm as envisioned by her late father,  Mr. Eliodoro Maciba. She shared how her father was originally planning to retire at their cacao farm in the heart of Barangay Binakalan, Gingoog City in Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

Mr. Eliodoro’s vision was to share premium cacao beans to the world. This vision has always been the fire that ignites Christina’s drive and passion to grow Doncris Cacao, as she continues to carry the torch for her father.

She has always dreamed of creating cacao products. She takes pride that their products came from top-quality cacao beans that were planted from the all-natural, rich, fertile soil of Doncris Farm. As the farm’s soil has never been planted with any other crops, aside from cacao bean. And the farmers never use harmful fertilizers — guaranteeing the topnotch flavor and natural, healthy quality of the cacao.

“We’re lucky because we grow a rare, premium variant of cacao in Doncris Farm called criollo, which is used to make topnotch chocolate truffles that can definitely compete with those from Europe or the Middle East. We have three rare and premium variants from our farm: the criollo, forastero, and trinitario, which is a by-product of criollo and forastero. These variants of cacao raw materials are so rare, it makes me so proud that they are grown here in the Philippines. They can make premium chocolates that can be compared to Belgian and Swiss chocolates. Our pure dark cacao beans when turned into chocolates produce a flavor note that is on the berry-side,” she shared. 

“The important thing for Doncris Cacao is for us to leave a legacy that Filipinos can be proud of,” she said during her toast. 

Christina first introduced their cacao product in December 2021 with their tablea line, which was embraced with positive feedback by the customers. This early success inspired Christina to officially start the product development of Doncris Cacao Truffles in July 2023.

The Doncris Tablea that came as a cup of cacao drink was an amazing experience in itself. It was an unexpected yet great appetizer drink just before dinner, with its rich flavor yet with right amount of sweetness.

Meanwhile, the six flavors of Doncris Cacao Truffles collection is each a mouth-watering treat. The texture of Almond Truffle Nutty Crunch Delight complements well with its delish, nutty flavor. The Coconut Truffle Tropical Dream chocolate was also a delight, as you can indeed taste the coco flavor enveloping the chocolate. Other truffle flavors are Dark Truffle Midnight Decadence, Milk Chocolate-Smooth Dairy Temptations, and Rum Truffle – Philippine Bliss. The Matcha Truffle Zen Harmony is a must-try, with its Zen-inspired, eco-flavor in its matcha perfectly blending with the cacao truffles. Indeed, each flavor is rich with velvety decadence that deliciously melts in your mouth.

The press members were delighted to experience first-hand the rich, mouth-watering flavors of Doncris Cacao Truffles, which went so well with the red wine. The press also enjoyed cups of delicious Doncris tablea cocoa drinks, which were perfect during the rainy afternoon. 

“This coming February, we are introducing the limited edition Love & Prosperity Doncris Chocolade line will be available in Cebu. Cebuanos can order via Doncris Cacao Cebu Facebook page. We are planning to introduce our special collections for the Valentine’s and Chinese New Year celebration. We are also envisioning to build physical chocolate stores too, where customers can get their own pieces of truffles of various flavors,” Christina concluded.  

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