Female Visionary: Della Lau On Prioritizing Health for Better Business Performance

Maintaining an exquisite performance at work or business all the time can be challenging, what with the stress caused by work deadlines and quotas, social media fatigue and daily hassles. That is why keeping your health and wellness on check is a must if you want to excel in what you do because as the old saying goes, health is wealth.

Della Lau, the fabulous entrepreneur behind celebrity favorite fashion label La Glamour Queen, is also a health buff for the reasons stated above. With fashion OOTDs always fly and glam on social media, the girl obviously knows how to take good care of herself. Always active in the fitness scene, Della has been seen placing in 10-kilometer run marathons even against elite athletes.

That’s why it is no surprise that this entrepreneurial chick would eventually venture into wellness business. Her new venture, Tealuxe Paradijs, has been getting quite the buzz among the leading gyms and fitness centers in BGC and Makati, and we totally get why. We’ve caught up with Della to talk about her fitness and nutrition regimen, as well as her new venture:

STYLISH: Can you tell us more about your nutrition routine these days?

Della: “My list is long for this because I am very particular with what I eat. For the most part when I am home, I tend to be really strict with what I eat since I prepare my own food but when I’m out, I can be flexible. Here are my top 4 routines when it comes to nutrition.

“I bring mindfulness to the table. I slow down and eat mindfully while savouring my meal. I don’t use my phone or watch TV and I practice gratitude for my food. These simple acts evolve my relationship with food and intentional eating helps optimise digestive function and improve overall wellness.”

“I skip breakfast meals and only drink my tea with ginger, turmeric and lemon. My biggest meal is around lunch time and I have a really light supper or sometimes, nothing at all at night because I don’t get hungry. I believe that when you eat clean with proper nutrition in your plate with lots of veggies and protein rich food, you are less hungry and stay more full with better energy. You will also feel so much better and productive without having bad cravings. Ideally, I mostly eat seafood and I focus on seasonal and organic, locally grown foods, and I go to palengke/wet market and do my grocery there. Nature’s nutritional cycle takes a year to complete and food changes from season to season so I make sure I speak to the veggie sellers and ask about the seasonal harvest.”

“Third, I eat warm food! I love cooking my own meals and knowing what I put in my body. I always use different spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, fennel, cayenne and many others that aren’t common in a Filipino kitchen. Spices as such improve digestion and metabolism. I am not a big fan of ultra-processed foods. I avoid anything “instant” including fast food.”

STYLISH: Can you tell us more about your fitness routine?

Della: “At least 5x a week, I wake up between 5-5:30 am and prepare for my morning run after finishing my victory hour routine. I make sure that I schedule the workout in the morning with an empty stomach because I’m more focused and energetic. I love being under the sun between 6:30-8am. Early morning sun gives me clarity and a somewhat uplifting mood and I just feel happier when I get to witness the sun rise together with my body movement.”

STYLISH: What are your favorite workout regimens now?

Della: “These days, I am into HIIT and Cardio (BARE BGC), Functional strength training (F45 BGC), Muay Thai for my conditioning & stamina (ELITE BGC by coach Mark), running for my mental strength) and pole dancing for my core. I join marathons, too.”

Yakult 10 Miler Champion Women’s Division
Della Lau with Iya Estrella, Philippine team visually impaired athlete
Della with Nathalie Agathon Gold medalist Philippine national games 2023 & Decerie Encomio UP track and field Athlete
Della at Mt.Ayaas Montalban Trail Run 10km

STYLISH: What are your favourite diet hacks?

Della: Choose organic, seasonal whole foods. You should be able to understand how foods are made and know their ingredients. Everything that is derived from nature is “actual food”. Organic way of eating aims to balance your mind and body by returning to the biorhythms. Knowledge of nature is the key to optimal health and preventing diseases.

“I drink copperised water from my copper tumbler first thing in the morning. It’s literally placed beside my bed so that’s the first thing I will grab when I get up. Turmeric everyday – my non-negotiable life-longevity hack! No food after certain times. The timing of your meals is essential to wellness and health. I also advocate paying attention to not only WHAT to eat but also WHEN to eat them. Similarly, drinking plenty of water at particular times also plays a big role in metabolism and your digestion.” 

“Be mindful of milk or dairy products and what you mix them with. I don’t mix fruit and dairy and I don’t combine cheese and legumes.”  

STYLISH: Why is it important for women in business to prioritize their wellness and health?

Della: “Mind and body are unified and thus intertwined. Prioritising health isn’t just a matter of self-care; it plays a vital role in business success. In this fast-paced world, understanding the significance of one’s well-being should be a top priority. Don’t forget that self-care is so vital to your happiness. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s hard to feel good about anything else. And always remember that the way you treat yourself is directly correlated to the standard you set with regards to how people should treat you.”

STYLISH: Why do women need to take care of their mental health?

Della: “The mind influences your outlook in life.  Mental health impacts your thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Being healthy emotionally can promote productivity and effectiveness in activities that we do on a daily basis.  I can go on and on about this topic but to cut to the chase, here’s the #1 reason why we should be checking on our mental health from time to time – I believe in building relationships with other  people as much as  ourselves. A healthy mind leads to healthier relationships. The type of relationship you have with yourself, which includes how you treat and what you think about yourself, influences the type of relationships you develop and attract with other people. Being a part of something or a community helps you know that you matter, which, in turn, helps your mental health.” 

STYLISH: How did you become obsessed with fitness and wellness? When and what triggered it?

Della: “My dad. He died of multiple health complications and his health deteriorated when he got diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease lll. I was busy working in retail at that time and he was getting sick. My mom kept quiet about his conditions so me and my sister won’t get bothered by my dad’s situation so we can go on with our lives.”

“I didn’t know he was that bad till one day we brought him to the ICU and later I found out that he had multiple cardiac arrest already and my parents didn’t tell us. After 7 days in the ICU, he passed away.”

“When the doctor told us he died of a complication, I knew it’s because of the food he loved eating when he was still alive. He’s pretty strong, fit and active. My dad rode his bicycle as his means of transportation to work. Unfortunately, his diet really made that impact on his health.”

“After I realised that the food played the biggest factor in his death, I started my journey on studying about health and the relationship it has with food and one of the specific fields I dove into that got me interested is Ayurveda. I read books and I listen to podcasts or sometimes I watch YouTube videos about the topic. I am still studying it and it’s been 6-7 years after my dad died in 2017. I also started my fitness journey afterwards. From then on, I became really obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle because I felt the vitality and it gave me mental clarity and the positive change in my life when I shifted my focus to my health and wellbeing.”

STYLISH: So that is why you decided to build TEALUXE PARADIJS. Can you tell us more about it?

Della: “I have a new venture now and it’s about Teas and immunity drinks. Tea has a large influence in my life from the day that I start my mornings up to my bedtime rituals.”


“I start my day with tea and end my day with tea and I drink tea throughout the day. A simple action of “drinking tea” consistently can benefit your health. I believe in starting small and easy. Tea is the easiest upgrade we can add to our lives being healthier. Simultaneously, I also maintain and work on my fashion business. La Glamour Queen is doing well and is pretty stable. It’s my bread and butter and it will mostly likely be till the end, as I embark upon other ventures.”

“My new venture, Tea Paradijs, is a collection of Delicious wellness shots with goodness from the healthy combo of native turmeric from Ilocos province, wild ginger, lemon and black pepper. Balanced with cold-pressed orange juice, this smooth, yummy immunity boost turmeric ginger shots provide an anti-inflammatory protection with a delicious, spicy-herbaceous taste– packaged safely in a glass bottle for sealed freshness.”

“The benefits include better digestion for good metabolism, lower stress levels, ability to focus, cognitive function, improved sleep, enhanced immune system and stimulating of body’s natural defense.”

“When you are a very busy entrepreneur or leader at work, it is essential that you put effort into taking care of your health. You can make better decisions in business when you have a sound mind and can perform your tasks well with great health condition. It is never too late to start your health and wellness regimen.”

For more info about Tea Paradijs, you may follow the brand on Instagram at @tealuxe.paradijs.