Female Visionary: Isarog Beauty Botanics CEO Trixie Odiamar on Cultural Identity in Beauty Business

By Marane A. Plaza

Camarines Sur in Bicol Region, Philippines is not just known for tourist spots and culinary flavors these days. Recently, the Bicol region is becoming famous for natural ingredients and botanicals derived from Pili Oil, “a skin superfood from Bikol rich in Oleic Fatty Acid,” a heavent-sent for the skin.

Named after CamSur’s active volcano Mount Isarog with its bountiful hotsprings, beauty brand Isarog Beauty Botanics is made from the purest of nature’s gifts ideal for skincare innovations.

Trixie Odiamar, founder and CEO of Isarog Beauty Botanics, is from Camarines Sur herself. A global citizen with passion for conscious-living, nature, botanics, design, and travel, Trixie wanted to advocate cultural identity through her beauty and lifestyle brand by putting the spotlight on her brand’s Bicolano roots.

Trixie Odiamar, founder & CEO of Isarog Beauty Botanics

Trixie has spent years to develop her own rituals by understanding the stresses of modern life and wisdom of serenity that allows a person to be aware and honor oneself.

“I needed a local product that works for my skin problems, and I knew as Bicolana that pili oils have powerful properties that are very good for calming, nourishing, moisturizing and protecting one’s skin,” Trixie explained. “With courage and always wanting to showcase the beauty of Bicol region, Mt. Isarog, and Pili, Isarog Beauty Botanics was born.”

“We are more than just a personal and beauty care brand. We represent Bicol and our Philippine heritage by highlighting Bicol’s skin superfood: pili oil. We encapsulated folklore bathing rituals and remedies in our brand. Isarog Beauty Botanics was intentionally named after Mount Isarog to truly represents my home in Bicol, and to capture the essence and beauty of the legendary Philippine volcano – Isarog, Vulcan de la Agua,” Trixie added.

The Isarog Beauty Botanics offers natural skincare products, particularly soaps and lotions.

Made from Pili and Papaya, the Isarog Pili Oil Soap–Renew is meant to exfoliate and brighten your skin. Blended with Swiss-formulated Alpha Arbutin, a superior skin brightening and anti-aging ingredient, and Papain Enzyme, an active exfoliating agent, the Pili Oil Soap–Renew evens out skin tone and restores your skin’s youthful glow.

Isarog Beauty Botanics Pili Oil Soap-Renew. Shop for 360php here.

The Isarog Pili Night Rescue Lotion–Repair & Restore is dedicated to cell repair and skin hydration. This ultra-moisturizing lotion melts into the skin to leave a protective shield for skin repair and improved skin elasticity.

Isarog Pili Night Rescue Lotion–Repair & Restore | Shop for 595php here.

This best-selling lotion is rich coconut and cacao mixed with Oleic Acid from the Pili Nut Oil that locks in moisture right into the skin’s surface, Cica (Gotu Kola) Leaf Extract, a miracle herb with Madecassoside that calms skin irritation, and the indulgent essence of Philippines Sampaguita to repair, rebalance, and restore your skin.

The Isarog Pili Oil Soap–Rejuvenate is another best-seller. Enriched with another Bicolano skin superfood virgin coconut oil, mixed with coconut, singkamas and pili, the Rejuvenate soap is exceptional in removing skin blemishes and restoring skin suppleness.

Isarog Pili Oil Soap- Rejuvenate | Shop for 330php here.

The Isarog Recharge Pili Face & Body Soap is made of Pili with Akapulco leaf extract, a wild herb that eliminates bacteria and fungi. This soap also has Yerba Buena (Philippine Mint), which invigorates and deeply cleans the skin. This one is ideal to address skin acne.

Isarog Recharge Pili Face & Body Soap | Shop for 330php here.

Isarog Beauty Botanics is also available in select Frankie General Store branches, and Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay and . To learn more about the entire skincare lineup and to shop online, you may visit www.isarog.ph. You may follow the brand on Instagram at instagram.com/isarog.ph.