Here Comes the Bride!

We’ve known her as Hopia— the funny, quirky little girl from the hit comedy skit show for kids Goin Bulilit in the mid-2000s. Trina Legaspi is now a grown-up, and officially a bride and wife as of today.

The 26-year-old actress had been engaged to long-time boyfriend Ryan Jarina since November of last year. Jarina is CEO of Ark Diversified and Automotor Group Inc., which operates Chevrolet Commonwealth.

When asked how does it feel like to marry the love of her life, Trina shared, “I feel nervous, and at the same time super excited that we are finally here at our dream wedding.”

The actress and vlogger also admitted that the bridal preparations had been particularly super fun and exhilarating for her, too. During the shoot for this cover story, Trina was all smiles as she shared how fun it was to vlog all about her wedding preps on her YouTube channel.

“It’s like I’ve been engaged forever. I’ve been having a blast enjoying all the phases and events in preparing towards our big day.”

Cake-Like Ball Gown by Khristelle Tan
Ball Gown and Long Veil by Khristelle Tan

Trina recalled some of her most cherished moments as a bride-to-be.

“My favorite bridal prep experience was when I was working with my couturier to design my wedding gown. When I wore my bridal gown for the first time, it was such a  magical experience. I truly felt like a real-life princess.”

“I also enjoyed DIY-ing all of the gifts for our godparents and entourage. It was such joy working with our supplier friends,” she added.

Bridal Dress by Khristelle Tan | Earrings by designer Christopher Munar | Flowers by Floras in Bloom
Bridal Dress by Khristelle Tan | Earrings by designer Christopher Munar | Flowers by Floras in Bloom

Trina also shared who are her fashion designers of choice for her big day.

“I’m wearing a soft ethereal, feminine, and a fairytale-like wedding gown, designed by the amazing Patricia Santos. For the reception, my good friend Chynna Mamawal designed a sparkling and alluring gown, ready for the party! Chynna also designed my family and my entourage’s dresses and suits.”

Meanwhile, her long-time makeup collaborator Julius Cabanisas is doing her bridal look.

Bridal Gown by Melvin Lachica | Earrings by designer Christopher Munar
Bridal Gown by Melvin Lachica | Earrings by designer Christopher Munar

Trina has some pieces of advice for future brides who are currently counting the days til their special day.

Romantic sheer robe & satin slip dress by La Tercera | Bridal Shoes by True Story Evermore | Earrings by designer Christopher Munar

“Just prepare in advance and have a good timeline. Also, it is very important to set a budget. Look for some pegs that you want in sites like Pinterest. Make sure to involve your fiancé when planning your wedding. This is a great practice for your married life. Most importantly, enjoy every single step of the way,” she said.

Something blue and beautiful. This printed bridal dress by Khristelle Tan is unconventionally stunning.
Beige Bridal Ball Gown by Annaline
Head Accessories by La Tercera | Earrings by designer Christopher Munar | Bridal Dress by Khristelle Tan

“Bridal preparations are meant to be fun so cherish every moment. Every gathering with your loved ones before the wedding is going to be memorable for you. Actually, this shoot is another bridal event for me. I am really enjoying this fashion editorial shoot with Stylish Magazine because I feel like I am getting married over and over again with these fantastic bridal gowns,” Trina concluded.

This former child star has indeed grown into a gorgeous woman. And as she’s found her ever after, maybe growing up is not such a bad thing at all.

Beige Bridal Ball Gown by Annaline

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Styling by Marane Plaza & Kat Vapor

Makeup by Juluis Cabanisas

Hair by Andrew Jardenil

Sittings Editors: Marane Plaza & Anna Bettina Pangalangan

Special thanks to Miss Rose Legaspi and Kim Legaspi-Sacdalan

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