House of Mizrahi Philippines Throws First Rainbow Gala For Pride Month 2024

By Stylish Team

Individuality, creativity, bold fashion, fun and talent were through the roof during the first-ever Rainbow Gala in the Philippines as organized by House of Mizrahi Philippines’ house mother Xyza Ragunjan.

Known for starting the ballroom culture, vogue balls, and ballroom community in the Philippines, Mother Xyza upped her A-game by bringing into the country the most iconic figures in the global ballroom scene all the way from New York, US as well as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Australia.

“The ballroom culture and community is a safe space where we all can just be who we are or we can just be who we wanted to be without being judged—we are appreciated and loved here,” Mother Xyza shared in an interview with STYLISH.

Mother Xyza

The 4th Annual Rainball Ball, and the first-ever Rainbow Gala, presented by up-and-coming ballroom legend Mother Xyza Mizrahi and Father Misha De La Blanca had drawn hundreds of guests for the showcase of LGBTQIA+ talent at the Podium Hall. The history-making gala featured 9 international ballroom leaders from different parts of the world.

“This is the first time this gala has ever been held here in The Philippines. Let’s all bask in the talent of Philippine Ballroom,” Mother Xyza Mizrahi mentioned to kick off the series of runway shows. Fashion presentations by SARMIENTO by Dale Sarmiento, OZ GO RTW, BRIT TRIPUDIO, and WOLFE+HUNTR were presented to the audience.

Twenty LGBTQIA+ models from the Ballroom Community showcased the mini-collections of the designers and brands, making it the first all-ballroom fashion show in the country. Drag queen Clea Torres and Father Misha De La Blanca acted as hosts of the afternoon program. 

Meanwhile, Icon Founder Jack Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci from New York was seen donning archival pieces from H&M Innovation Stories for the Rainbow Ball & Gala 2024.

The #HMInnovationStories select pieces come from themed collections dedicated to promoting more sustainable materials, technologies and production processes.

The Philippine Ballroom Community held The 4th Annual Rainbow Ball and Gala, at the Podium Hall, 6th Floor Podium Mall, Mandaluyong City

The doors opened at 1PM for the RAINBOW GALA, with the program beginning soon after. In between the shows, The Rainbow Ball and Gala’s advocacy partners took to the stage for lecturettes on important topics for the LGBTQIA+ community. Jessica Serrano of Trans* Health Philippines provided a discussion on the importance of safe medical transitioning, while SAIL Makati Clinic Manager Aremm Castrillo led an informative session on SOGIESC. 

At 5:00PM, after a brief interval to prepare the venue, The Rainbow Ball opened, with a fiery Q&A to set the tone of the evening, with none other than Pioneer Iconic Founding Father Andre Mizrahi, and Legendary Founding Father Julian De La Blanca––leaders and active members since the 1980’s in the New York Ballroom Scene. 

“I love this country! Thank you for embracing us!” Pioneer Iconic Founding Father Andre Mizrahi exclaimed in the panel discussion. “You all took us back to when we were kids in New York,” Legendary Founding Father Julian De La Blanca added. 

After the vibrant Q&A, the ball proper began, with Filipino commentator Lakan Mizrahi opening the show, and introducing our DJs for the night, Ayel Mari from The Philippines, and Legendary Overall Mother Koppi Mizrahi from Japan.

Lakan then introduced Icon Founder Jack Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci, and the crew began the LSS, or “Legends, Statements, Stars” roll call of key figures and houses in the scene. Various houses debuted new members and chapters–– such as The House of Labeija Philippine Chapter, and new members in The House of Ebony and The House of Ninja Philippines, while members of the Ballroom Scene from The Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam took to the stage as they were called up one by one by the MCs.

At the end of LSS, the houses of the presenters––The International House of De La Blanca, and The Iconic House of Mizrahi, took to the stage for their grand march. After, the international leaders were called to take their seats at the judges’ table: From Korea, Juju Xtravaganza and Father K Milan. From Hong Kong, Trailblazer Mother Holie Ebony. From Australia, Trailblazer Mother Bhenji Ra. From New York: Legendary Founding Father Monster Babylon, Legendary Founding Father Julian De La Blanca, and Pioneer Iconic Founding Father Andre Mizrahi. 

And then, the 15 categories were opened one after the other: Face, Beginners Performance, Runway with an Abanico or Baston Prop, and Hands Performance vs Arms Control. After a short break, the  Lip Sync Performance category was called, followed by Realness––with the grand theme of the Santa Cruzan, Cunt versus Cunt, Fashion Killa, Bizarre, and ending with an All Styles to a Vogue Beat category that lit the runways on fire. 

Another quick break was called, and a special segment followed, with the houses of the presenters deeming new special titles on the Runway. Icon Founder Jack Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci deemed Overall Father Statement Jose De La Blanca from Macau, and Princess Tin De La Blanca from The Philippines; as well as Princess Savina Mizrahi, Prince Lakan Mizrahi, and Overseer Canter Mizrahi from The Philippines.

After the deeming segment, the last categories of the night unfolded with an unbridled energy: Pop Dip and Spin Excalibur Performance, followed by New Way Vogue, and then Vogue Fem––which culminated in the winners of these three categories battling it out for Overall Performance Grand Prize. And finally, to end the night, the Body and Sex Siren Categories.

“Manila: I WILL BE BACK!” Icon Founder and MC Jack Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci shouts as he ends the night to a roaring, jumping crowd. 

The Rainbow Ball and Gala 2024 is presented by: 

Trailblazer Up-and-Coming Legend Mother Xyza Mizrahi and Father Misha De La Blanca

Co-Presented by: BYS Cosmetics, GOMO!

In Cooperation With:  Y.O.U. Beauty, Black Box Collab Inc

Major Sponsors: H&M, SIP Purified Water, Jagermeister, Rosy Peel

Minor Sponsors: SMART

Advocacy Partners: HASH, SAIL, Trans* Health Philippines, LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Special LGBTQIA+ SME Partners
Barbierro, Glorious Dias and We Are Shapeshifters

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