This organic body oil not only smells heavenly but also offers heaps of amazing skin benefits. Infused with minerals, magnesium salt, himalayan salt, and epsom salt, the Lush Gardens Body Oil will provide deep hydration and help tighten the skin. Retails at P500 at https://lee-strachan.com.

Give your skin that extra TLC with the Grape Seed Hydra Milk Body Rinse. Soak in the rich, creamy milky rinse that will nourish your skin from deep within. Plus, it has vitamins A, D, and E that soften and brighten up the skin after each bath. Retails at P680 at https://lee-strachan.com.

Stay fresh all day with a spritz of Botanical Misty Water. It has grapefruit water to shoo away pollutants, probiotics to balance the skin’s pH, and thymol to protect you from germs. Keep it inside your bag for that quick pick-me-up after a long day. Retails at P380 at https://lee-strachan.com.

Treat your skin with this multi-purpose body oil infused with authentic extra virgin coconut oil and vitamins A, D, E, and K. Slather the Coconut Buddy Body Oil as soon as you hop out of the shower for that instant all-day hydration. Retails at P380 at https://lee-strachan.com.

Grab the Himalaya Salt Gel Balm when you need to relax, sleep, or soothe a headache.  A multipurpose balm with pure essential oils and mineral salts, it’s a must-have to refresh the senses any time of the day. Retails at P220 at https://lee-strachan.com.

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