Michelle Dee Shares Favorite Beauty Tips, Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves

By Marane A. Plaza

Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Marquez Dee is now Miss Lumiverse, as she has been introduced as the new Maybelline girl last weekend. She is the ambassador of the new Maybelline New York’s SuperStay Lumi-Matte Foundation.

“I think makeup is really there to highlight your assets that you want to flaunt,” MMD shared with the media during the Maybelline Lumiverse event. “It is really not about changing how you look, but highlighting what you already have using the best products for you.”

The actress and beauty queen shared her fave beauty tip.

“The best beauty tip is start your skincare routine. For me, it took me a while before I realized the value of having a skincare routine, whether it is for hygienic (purposes) or finding the right products that are hiyang (suitable) to your skin, it is important that you start as early as possible to have your skincare routine,” MMD shared.

“Like for me, I only noticed (the importance of a skincare routine) when I had skin breakout when I was stressed, and that’s how I started (to have a skincare routine). If that’s something I’d started early on, it would save me a lot of trips to the derma,” Michelle added.

She shared her top beauty must-haves.

“When I just have to get ready on a daily basis, of course I need my foundation.

“I have a very hectic schedule. I usually get made up at around 5:00 AM and I need products that can last for hours, til like 11:00 PM at night, I’m juggling 5 events in a day at a time. I need products that last for hours and have long lasting effect in my skin. And the Maybelline Super Stay Lumi-Matte works well on me.”

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She shared her other beauty must-haves.

“My concealer, and my brow (makeup products)! Oh my gosh, my brows! The brows shape your face!”

“Of course you gotta highlight some of your assets so my lips need lip balm or lip liner so my lips can look fuller. And of course, SPF.”

“I grew up in a ranch, so complete opposite of living the fast-paced showbiz life. I didn’t know that my mom was a celebrity, until I was around 12 years old, so it was a very Hanna Montana moment. So of course I had to start from scratch to learn how to put my makeup, and learning everything about pageantry,” she narrated.

“I had a lot of embarrassing makeup moments as I did a lot of bad combination. That’s why I stuck with my makeup artist Dave Quiambao because everything I know now about makeup is from my makeup artist. I really did not master my face yet when I joined Miss World. But practice makes perfect so just put in that effort to find what works best for your face.”