Stylish Brunch Club: A Support Space for Female Visionaries

By Stylish Team

Last June 29th, Stylish Magazine officially launched the first-ever session of Stylish Brunch Club!

The Stylish Brunch Club is a nation-building initiave by Stylish Magazine under Style Visionary Network Corp., wherein female visionaries, leaders, innovators, creatives and artists are gathered for a day of meaningful panel talks on business, leadership, creativity and self-love; a session of building business connections; and of course, an exclusive gathering of visionaries over a sumptuous brunch.

The luxe, delish brunch was prepared by premium catering brand Privé By Illo’s, as the event was held at the chic Dutch-founded interior design showroom in Makati City: Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen.

‘Stylish Brunch Club’ : Intimate bonding among female leaders over great food
Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen, a chic spot for hanging out and a hole-in-the-wall interior design showroom slash art gallery in Makati City
Female business leaders at the Stylish Brunch Club’s ‘build connections’ exclusive networking segment
Alodia Cecilia, founder, designer & CEO of AC Design Yard and Catherine Cavilte, CEO and designer of Catherine Cavilte Fashion Atelier

Female visionaries, leaders, artists and creatives from various industries, such as fashion, beauty, wellness and executive business coaching, came together during the first sesh of Stylish Brunch Club. Each one had an inspiring story on creating, building, thriving, and succeeding while building a brand or company.

The campaign is a brainchild of Stylish Magazine founder and editor-in-chief Marane Plaza and Vibrant Wellness CEO and VP of JPDM Manufacturing Elsie Jordan Blanco, a concept first developed in October 2023.

“We at Stylish Magazine always encounter business leaders during exclusive interviews for our online stories and TV show features, and we always hear about how business leaders, no matter how successful they are, go through barriers and hardships. It could be an isolating feeling to overcome such hurdles while building an empire, because it is not all the time when you can vent out and let the people know what you’re going through. Stylish Brunch Club is meant to be that safe support space for business leaders to start a relationship with one another during our exclusive ‘build connections’ sessions, bond over good food and intimate conversations during our exclusive brunch, and learn from industry leaders from our well-curated panel discussions,” Marane Plaza, founder and editor-in-chief of Stylish Magazine, shared in a statement.

Catherine Cavilte, fashion designer and CEO of Catherine Cavilte Bridal Atelier
Trixie Odiamar, CEO of Isarog Beauty Botanics
Della Lau, CEO of fashion label La Glamour Queen & wellness brand TeaLuxe Paradijs
Catherine Cavilte with Alodia Cecilia, founder & CEO of AC Design Yard
Marianna Darlene, featured artist at Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen and Stylish Brunch Club guest speaker
Elsie Blanco, CEO of Vibrant Wellness & VP of JPDM Manufacturing | Stylish Brunch Club panel guest speaker
Kristel Yap, professional makeup artist and personal image expert | Stylish Brunch Club panel guest speaker
Paula Andrade, founder and CEO of Singapore-founded El Brand Marketing Boutique Agency and Stylish Magazine Marketing Parner
Anna Cheung, fashion designer & CEO of Anna Cheung Couture
Emily Opida, CEO of Emildific Jewelry & Nikita Kyla Talens, CEO of Skin Philosophie
Rica Rico, fashion designer & CEO of Rica Rico Designs |
Stylish Brunch Club panel guest speaker
Cherry Pua-Africa, premiere life coach, book author & CEO of World Stage International | Stylish Brunch Club panel guest speaker
World Stage International team
Jerome Dagar, Prive by Illo’s Marketing Director

Aside from opportunities to build business relationships with various brands and companies and a lovely brunch, the ladies got to immerse in art and creativity as Canadian-Filipina artist Marianna Darlene gave a photo exhibit tour at Fashion Interiors. Marianna explained her inspiration behind her first photo exhibit titled “Saudades” during the walk-through art tour. The photo exhibit, inspired by feminine sensuality, evokes an empowerment among women to be more embracing of their femininity, power and sexuality. The photo exhibit is open at Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen until July 6, 2024.

Canadian-Filipina artist Marianna Darlene sharing her inspiration behind her exhibit
The ‘Stylish Brunch Club’ getting immersed in art appreciation and creativity during the artist’s walk-through exhibit tour at Fashion Interiors.
Photo exhibit tour by artist Marianna Darlene at Fashion Interiors
Photo exhibit tour by artist Marianna Darlene at Fashion Interiors
Photo exhibit tour by artist Marianna Darlene at Fashion Interiors

After the networking sesh, photowall bonding, brunch and exhibit tour, the ladies finally participated at the Stylish Brunch Club‘s curated panel discussions.

Kristel Yap, professional makeup artist and personal image expert, talked about ‘First Impressions in Business’ and how to leverage the power of makeup in building a solid personal branding aligned with one’s business — with the help of Issy Cosmetics.

Meanwhile, fashion designer and style visionary Rica Rico talked about the importance of building a capsule wardrobe for business.

El Brand’s Paula Andrade doing hosting duties during the panel talk
Lux Lourgie Jewelry CEO Lourgie Hernandez, Skin Philosophie CEO Nikita Talens and Emildific Jewelry CEO Emily Opida at the panel talk audience
Yu Campos, marketing manager at Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen at the panel talk audience

Elsie, the force behind the popular Vibrant coffee, shared her knowledge and experience in how to transform one’s vision into reality by starting a brand or product from scratch. The female leaders among the audience were inspired by her talk, as they also opened up about their own journey in business.

Vibrant Wellness CEO Elsie Blanco during her talk

Capping off the Stylish Brunch Club panel talk was Life Coach Cherry Pua-Africa, the coach to the big honchos and decision-makers of huge companies like Nestle, Jollibee, Globe and more. She explained the importance of getting attached to our heart, mind and soul, particularly our emotions, so we can make mindful decisions for employees, partners and clients in business. She shared that “all business is personal” with insights from her book, ” When The Heart Attacks.”

Life Coach Cherry Pua-Africa during her panel talk
Aiz Gaufo, Pure Living Marketing Director, asked a question for speakers during the panel talk
Stylish Brunch Club participants with Stylish Magazine EIC Marane Plaza
“When The Heart Attacks” book author and life coach Cherry Africa-Pua giving away signed copies of her book
The Stylish Brunch Club

The ladies went home with newly-formed friendships, new business insights and lessons, and the knowledge that there is a safe, supportive space for female visionaries like themselves. They also went home with gifts from Issy Cosmetics, Isarog Beauty Botanics, Vibrant Wellness, Rica Rico and World Stage International’s book copies of “When the Heart Attacks” by Life Coach Cherry Pua-Africa.

The Stylish Brunch Club was presented by Stylish Magazine, with Luxe Lourgie Jewelry Line, Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen, Prive by Illo’s, Catherine Cavilte Fashion Atelier, Issy Cosmetics, Isarog Beauty Botanics, Rica Rico Designs, World Stage International, and Vibrant Wellness.

Stay tuned to our next sesh of Stylish Brunch Club on July 25. We will keep you posted!

Images by photographer by Jule Ervin de Guzman for Stylish

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