You’re never too old to play with colors.

On Sarah: Dark Orange Shirt by Bench Body, Tie-Dyed Swimsuit (worn as top) by Forever 21, Denim Jeans (customized by stylist) by Bench, Choker and Sunglasses by Forever 21
On Vanessa: Orange Shirt by Bench Body, Knit Crop Top and Choker by Forever 21, Pink Denim Jeans by Gap, Socks by Iconic
On Sarah: Shirt and Overalls by Folded & Hung
On Sarah: Tie-dyed Bucket Hat and Plaid Trousers by Forever 21, White Tank Top by Bench Body, Yellow Jacket by Zara
On Vanessa: Denim Vest (hand-painted by stylist) by Forever 21, Shirt by Oxygen, Denim Shorts by Cotton On, Socks by Iconic
On Sarah: Knit Tank Top by Bench, Denim Skirt by Forever 21, Socks by Iconic
On Vanessa: Denim Button Down by Topshop, Knit tank top by Forever 21, Denim Skirt by H&M, Socks by Iconic

Photography : Jeff Ong

Styling: Chris Lee

Hair & Makeup: Dave Quiambao

Models: Vanessa Tedesco of Elite Model Management Manila and Sarah Martens

Contributing Sittings Editor: Dexter Francis Rivera