While it’s basically summer all year round here in the Philippines, there’s still that exhilarating feeling from just the thought of shopping for new tropical outfits for your beach vacay! And clothing brand Lema sure offers super cute rompers, jumpsuits and co-ords made of light materials perfect even under scorching heat.

For your next, much-awaited beach vacation, here are outfits you can certainly look dashing in for your every beach activity:

For town strolling:

This lime low-cut romper is a nice choice for when you wanna do a little shopping or some day trip in town. Accessorize a little with a pair of earrings, then top off the look with a pair of cute flipflops and you’re good to go.

Shop it here.

For chilling on the sand:

You know when you’re not quite ready to dip into the water yet cos you just wanna look cute, vibe and watch people as you sit on the sand? Well, this outfit is apt for that:

Shop it here.

For sunset dining:

One of the best moments during beach vacays is discovering the best dining places in the area! A nice meal before sunset in your fave resto calls for a pretty outfit.

For dinner or beach event:

This zen orange jumpsuit is so sophisticated, yet still looks laidback and cool. Shop it here.

For more options from the brand, check out its official website https://lemaph.com. For updates, follow Lema on Instagram @lemamnl.