Timeless Nudes & Neutrals

Whether it’s tan, taupe, camel, khaki or mustard— any relaxing shades of neutrals and nudes just look fashionably chic at all times. That’s why one of the smartest things you could possibly do style-wise is to build your wardrobe with simple yet timeless pieces in these easy-on-the-eye hues.

Classic style essentials with the right shades of nude colors that truly suit you can complement your stunning skin tone. They’re also easy to mix, match and style with–which just means you will never ever run out of stylish ensembles to don. Plus, earth colors just exude effortless sophistication.

Filipino clothing line Sassy’s Creation, known for its size-inclusive and sustainable fashion pieces at pocket-friendly prices, has just introduced its new product segment Sassy Basics. Sassy’s premiere line of Basics boasts of heavenly neutrals, nudes and earth colors that you can mix, match and use as work ensembles, casualwear, errand ‘fits or even as stylish loungewear for the ‘gram.

Here are the must-have neutral fashion pieces from Sassy Basics we believe you should have to build a practical closet, as seen on #StylishSquad.

A sleeveless tank top in color mustard looks so good on honey and almond skin tones, as it makes the skin look even more dazzling and vibrant. Pairing it with tan-hued pants makes your OOTD looks cohesive, yet still with a cute pop of color– just like this outfit on Gen Z fashion entrepreneur Justine Ureta right here:

Top and Pants from Sassy Basics by Sassy’s Creation | Earrings by Slay + Clay
These sandals with unique glass-like heels are cute. Get ’em from Filipino shoe brand LeScarpe

This tank top in caramel color by Sassy Basics looks good on almost all skin tones, while its strap details can make your shoulders and arms look sexier:

Top and pants from Sassy Basics of Sassy’s Creation | Earrings by Slay + Clay
Earrings by Slay + Clay

Match this top with pants in classic brown color also from Sassy Basics, plus a pair of heels also in brown color for an overall monochromatic look. Feel free to top it off with a beige jacket or blazer if you want to layer, as seen on makeup artist and beauty influencer Kat Munar.

Top and pants from Sassy Basics by Sassy’s Creation | Earrings by Slay + Clay

A top and shorts co-ords will always be comfy and cute. And in minimalist style and taupe color, it’s just an effortless fashion statement. Just like this outfit on fashion influencer Khush Raghani:

Co-Ords from Sassy Basics by Sassy’s Creation | Earrings by Slay +Clay

Speaking of co-ords, this sleeveless top and shorts combo in color pecan is meant to be flowy and comfy– which makes for a stylish loungewear. But don’t be fooled as this outfit looks so cute too for casual errands and whatnots. Pair it with white sunnies and white sandals for some cool girl aesthetic, as seen on stylist Vanessa Revilla:

Co-Ords from Sassy Basics by Sassy Creation | Earrings by Slay + Clay | White Sandals by LeScarpe

The shade of tawny can make for a fabulous neutral fashion choice, like this sleeved shirt on model Eli Bet. Pair it with pants in plaid prints for some little spice and fun into your look, then accessorize:

Outfit from Sassy Basics by Sassy’s Creation | Leather Cuff in Neon Green from JOSÉ Boutique |Shoes from LeScarpe
Leather Cuff in Neon Green from JOSÉ Boutique

The earth colors of this chic collection are just apt with the clothing line’s efforts to advocate sustainability in fashion. Sassy’s Creation mostly uses reclaimed fabrics, or unused textile rolls or fabric pieces that are doomed to be thrown into garbage bins or landfills due to excess manufacturing, or some leftovers from projects. This means the brand helps in lessening unnecessary waste of perfectly fine fabrics. This just also means that customers get to enjoy limited fashion pieces per style, as opposed to wearing clothes from mass-produced designs that make it possible for you to run into more people wearing the same clothes as you. In essence, you always get to wear limited stocks from Sassy’s Creation— and the kind that are also eco-friendly and morally stylish.

Shop Sassy Basics by Sassy’s Creation at sassyscreationph.com.

Photography: Roj Miguel

Photography Assistance: Pogs Torres

Styling, Words and Concept: Marane Plaza

Styling Assistance: Kath Vapor & Anna Pangalangan

Makeup: Jiya Dolwani

Hair & Nails: Helena Beauty

Shot at The I Am Abi Studio