Visionary NXT: Branding Masterclass for the Next Big Brands

By Marane A. Plaza

The next generation of brand leaders should not miss out “Visionary NXT,” a branding masterclass event focused on advanced marketing strategies, happening tomorrow May 10-11, 2024 at The Astbury in Makati City. Some of the mentors and guest speakers include industry titans such as Nina Dizon, founder of Colourette Cosmetics and CEO of NIV Della Beauty Innovations, Inc., as well as Janet Kyla, founder of Tala by Kyla. 

Dubbed as “Visionary NXT: Branding Masterclass for the Next Big Brands,” the sixth edition of this masterclass event is organized by New Bold University. NBU is a transformational pop-up campus for lifelong learners committed to achieving their fullest potential, celebrated for embodying the pioneering ethos of Silicon Valley’s Singularity University.

The unconventional uni is designed to uncover and accelerate a person’s potential by honing their strengths, personality, passions, and unique gifts. NBU has hosted exemplary CEOs, founders, and speakers such as Francis Kong, Anthony Pangilinan, Steve Sy of Great Deals, Kumu founder Roland de Ros, ER Rollan of Grow Sar, Lance Tan, and more.

NBU has launched hundreds of entrepreneurs from students into founders of million-peso brands and is in the pursuit to activate more in their next programs. It aims to help entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders, and aspiring individuals scale their businesses through transformative masterclasses

“Visionary NXT” is designed to uplift emerging brands by equiping entrepreneurs, startup founders, and marketing professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to redefine the branding landscape. It provides actionable strategies for brand success while empowering participants to make a meaningful impact in their respective industries. The two-day event is poised to be a pivotal gathering for the next generation of brand leaders.

“Visionary NXT represents a significant evolution from our previous masterclasses. We are not just exploring brand strategies, we are also inspiring a new generation of brand pioneers who will lead the charge in driving innovation and change,” Ralph Layco, NBU’s Founder, said.  

Layco envisions this initiative as a pivotal moment for the branding community. “They need guidance and new strategies, and most importantly, the mindset to disrupt their categories. We are here to guide and empower them.” 

With the many disruptions in the marketplace, the dynamics of branding and marketing have shifted. NBU’s response to these challenges offers strategies and visionary thinking needed in today’s market. It seeks to cultivate a community of 1,000 visionary brand builders in the next two years who will lead the charge in creating disruptive and socially impactful brands.

Other speakers include Rolling Media founder Jozelle Tech, Good Diva Marketing founder Mariella Tiano, and Agyle Brands founder Guita Gopalan. Layco, founder of Noah and Eve Center, will also be there. They are all set to deliver invaluable insights into brand strategy, innovation, and growth. The group from Kaya Founders will also join the event.

Attendees can expect a dynamic program comprising workshops, coaching sessions, and networking opportunities designed to foster collaboration and drive innovation.

Prior to the anticipated event in May, a series of online brand talks were held to generate interest and set the stage, featuring brand founders of HirayaPilipina, The Man, The Maverick, and

Interested participants may inquire at NBU’s official Facebook page at