Sooper Beaute is one of the thriving Filipino beauty brands right now that we can truly be proud of, what with its amazing line of cosmetic and skincare products that truly bring out the best version of your natural beauty.

“We are all about bringing out the beauty that you already have. Like let’s say our makeup products, they are all about being simplistic yet multifunctional,” said Aica Palma, founder of Sooper Beaute.

Truly simple yet multi-use, Sooper Beaute’s new line called PLUSH TINT is a dreamy line of velvety tint formula that feels and looks good on the lips, cheeks and even eyelids! Made with Argan Oil, you are sure to get feel-good color on your face that nourishes. The shades are stunning, as each color is specially made to look gorgeous on all skin tones.

There are five colors: Kano, the nude pink for that sweet, soft look; Cora, the coral pink shade for that feminine vibe; Millie, the red color for that striking aura; Amelia, the earthy brown hue for chic nude look; and Charlie, the berry wine color for that sultry, cute look.

The launch of the all-new PLUSH TINT comes with a chicer packaging, which signals the transition of Sooper Beaute’s branding from bright, youthful look, to minimalist and chic—targeting young professionals who grew up with the brand.

This transition is well-embodied by Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres, who was first introduced as the brand’s endorser back in 2016. Sooper Beaute first tapped Sofia as the face of the brand when she was only 16 years old. And for the launch of its new PLUSH TINT collection alongside the “Breakthrough and Bloom” campaign, Sooper Beaute re-introduced Sofia as the brand’s celebrity endorser.

“We found it easy to decide to make her our muse once again as we transition to the New Sooper Beaute because Sofia has grown into a versatile woman. Aside from being an actress, she’s a mother, a painter and a fashion inspiration,” said Palma.

“Sofia has come of age and embraced motherhood at its fullest,” the brand founder said. “With a blossoming career, rapidly-rising followers, and a growing business on the side, there’s no doubt that she is a woman of limitless beauty!”

Sooper Beaute has also introduced its new line of face serums, beauty bars, lip & cheek rollys and essential oils.