Lacoste is in full color for Spring 2021 with a fresh collaboration with Polaroid. The Crocodile strikes a pose in the boldest of brights from the rainbow. 

Lacoste is seeing life through rose—or red, green, and yellow—tinted glasses again in 2021: unfiltered, close-up, and wide-angle. It’s about changing perspective, putting your best foot forward, and living in the present. It’s a chance to make a fresh start and leave 2020 behind, to redial and rethink the landscape to get ready to make new memories. The best way to good vibes is a brand-new collaboration between the crocodile brand and the iconic Polaroid brand for a technicolor capsule collection that’s bold, colorful and fun.


Polaroid has been capturing memories on glossy instant film for over 80 years—from major events to private occasions—all in vibrant colors and warm tones. For Spring 2021, Lacoste dug deep into this legendary, high-color, and cultural heritage. Inspired by Polaroid’s famous rainbow logo from its first instant color film developed in 1963, the Lacoste x Polaroid collection centers around the distinctive blue, green, yellow, orange and red rainbow from the creative brand.

The Lacoste crocodile marches across bold, block-color backgrounds on classic polos and hoodies, while polo dresses and shirts in oversized stripes make for a supercharged silhouette that stands out. Accessories also feature the full-color treatment, as white sneakers get subtle color-flash accents, tennis shoes go rainbow-striped, and caps, watches and backpacks are a concentration of high-energy sporty style. Look carefully and you’ll see the crocodile has taken center stage with the pièce de résistance – a limited-edition Polaroid 600 instant camera.

For Lacoste Live, archive Lacoste images are layered onto colorful oversized polo shirts, hoodies, T-shirts and track pants. 


Because 2021 is a time for new experiences, Lacoste has stepped up to the challenge of producing the first-ever filmed ad created solely from Polaroid photos. Immortalized by Simon Schmitt in Marseille, in both natural and flash lighting, dancers and skaters create a jigsaw in perpetual movement one frame at a time, image by single image. United by the characteristic Polaroid rainbow spectrum and the Lacoste pieces in the collection, each shot is a tribute to joy, boldness, and freedom.

The collaboration dropped online and in-store last March 17, when the Polaroid rainbow took the floor in a super-sized decor as the collections comes to store windows.

In the Philippines, the Lacoste x Polaroid collection is now available on and in-store.