Muni Muna: Yoga & Dive Weekend Adventure

by Aiza Gaufo

Have you tried incorporating meditation into your beach vacation? Wouldn’t it be exciting if your trip includes indulging in the magic of the sea and taking care of your well-being?

Muni Muna: Yoga and Dive Weekend Adventure by Muni Yoga Studio is redefining the way you do your ocean holiday as you embark in a weekend with a diving adventure and yoga retreat.

Muni Yoga Studio is located in Angono in Rizal, and offers yoga classes that follow the Satyananda lineage. The Satyananda kind is purely based on the traditional and holistic yoga from India, with deep positive effects on mental health and well-being. They emphasize a balanced approach to physical and mental well-being. These are a rare kind in the Philippines, and far different from the common yoga offerings in other studios.

Founded by Cherryl “Che” Villaflores, Muni Yoga is backed up by teacher Che’s over 20 years of yoga practice and teaching experience. Her initial training in teaching yoga took place in Rishikesh in India, where she was introduced to the Bihar Tradition of yoga. This experience sparked a further interest in pursuing a lifestyle that benefits both people and the environment.

Muni Yoga Studio founder and yoga teacher Che Villaflores
Teacher Che with students at Muni Yoga Studio
Muni Yoga Studio founder and yoga teacher Che Villaflores

Che continues to expand her knowledge and practice in Bangalore in India where she’s learning with the esteemed teachers of this lineage. Her yoga journey came from a strong interest in mindfulness, meditation, and a keen love for exploring the mysteries of the universe. Her goal is to make yoga accessible to all in her community, leading her to establish ‘Muni Yoga’ during the pandemic.

Yoga session at Muni
Teacher Che at Muni

Currently, Che is deepening her yoga sadhana (lifestyle) and teaching skills through a 2-year Teacher Training program facilitated by Atma Darshan Yogashram in Bangalore, India.

Originally from Talim Island, Che’s love for nature, the water, and the mountains deeply influences her teaching style, making her classes peaceful and rejuvenating. She also has a strong bond with her dogs and the local community.

In partnership with Cove 88 Dive Resort in San Luis, Bauan in Batangas, the Muni Muna yoga x dive adventure aims to offer you the tranquility of yoga with the exhilaration of diving in a unique weekend adventure for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Meanwhile, you will be guided in the diving side of the weekend getaway by Lawrence Zyrick Lopez, PCGA. A highly skilled and experienced dive instructor with a passion for the underwater world, Lawrence, or Zy to friends, has over nine years of experience in the field of diving, with a dedication in the art and science of teaching others how to explore the depths of the ocean safely and responsibly.

Cove 88 Dive Resort in San Luis, Bauan in Batangas
Cove 88 Dive Resort in San Luis, Bauan in Batangas

Since obtaining his Open Water License in 2015, Lopez has been actively involved in introducing the wonders of scuba diving to new enthusiasts. He specializes in ‘Introduction to Diving’ courses, where he lays the foundation for safe and enjoyable underwater adventures. His expertise does not stop there; for the past two years, he has also been a pivotal figure for students aspiring to obtain their own Open Water License, offering advanced training and guidance to help them achieve their goals.

Set against the backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty, Muni Muna offers participants the opportunity to explore the depths of both the ocean and their own inner peace. This ocean vacay is designed not only to provide relaxation and adventure, but also to foster a deeper connection with oneself and the surrounding environment.

“‘Pause Muna, Muni Muna’ — it is all about hitting the pause button for my students and other participants, and taking a break to really reflect — or ‘muni’ in Tagalog. It’s setting up this chill space in a hidden-away dive resort where we can step back from the rush of everyday life and spend some quality time with ourselves,” Che shared in an interview with Stylish.

“Choosing a secluded spot helps us see everything with fresh, excited eyes, like through a kid’s perspective. The whole vibe of ‘Pause Muna, Muni Muni’ is to keep it super relaxed and stress-free. Both yoga and diving are about slowing things down, breathing deeply, and just watching the world around us. They encourage us to be present, notice the little things, and become aware again. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to breathe, observe, reflect, and recharge, rediscovering the simple pleasures in life.”

The Muni Muna Weekend Adventure includes the following:

  • Expert-Led Yoga Sessions: Guided by experienced instructors, participants will engage in yoga practices that are perfect for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. These sessions are designed to improve flexibility, strength, and mental clarity.
  • Thrilling Diving Experiences: Explore the underwater world with safe and professional diving sessions. Whether you’re taking your first breath underwater or you’re an experienced diver, these dives promise stunning sights and an incredible connection with marine life.
  • Mindfulness and Connection: In today’s fast-paced world, Muni Muna offers a chance to slow down, be present, and reconnect with nature and oneself through guided mindfulness practices and group discussions.
  • Community and Culture: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for adventure, wellness, and environmental consciousness. This weekend is more than an escape; it’s an opportunity to form lasting bonds and memories.

Muni Muna is dedicated to creating an experience of total wellbeing that combines physical activity, mindfulness, and environmental awareness. The mission is to provide opportunities for individuals to explore new activities, connect deeply with themselves and others, and foster a greater appreciation for the natural world. Each slot ia valued at 8,800php inclusive of yoga and diving sessions, transportation and accommodation, and meals. The Muni Muna: Yoga and Dive Weekend Adventure by Muni Yoga Studio is a two-day weekend getaway on June 8 and 9, 2024.

To join the Muni Muna Yoga and Dive Weekend Adventure, you may get in touch with Muna Yoga on Facebook at or register HERE.