NCCA Spearheads The National Heritage Month Celebration This May 2024

National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is spearheading the celebration of National Heritage Month in May 2024.

As per Presidential Proclamation No. 439, s. 2003, the month of May is declared as the National Heritage Month (NHM), reinforcing the importance of preserving and promoting the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage in this digital age.

Filipina soprano opera singer Myramae Meneses at the press con of NCCA’s National Heritage Month celebration

“Championing Heritage: Capacity Building to Transform Communities” is this year’s theme for National Heritage Month. It aims “to highlight the essential role of capacity building in empowering communities to preserve their cultural identity.” The theme celebrates the efforts of cultural workers and advocates who connect with various indigenous communities, enhancing their creativity and ingenuity.

The objectives for NHM 2024 are “to expand the celebration’s reach by engaging with indigenous communities in remote areas; strengthen promotion through partnerships between government agencies, public offices, and private organizations; and foster Filipinos’ love and awareness of cultural heritage preservation through participation in capacity-building activities.”

With the support of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), laws have been institutionalized to safeguard our cultural heritage. The NCCA will also offer capacity-building activities and tools such as cultural mapping and the Philippine Registry of Heritage (PREH), accessible to all Filipinos. These initiatives aim to identify, protect, and immortalize our ancestral history and identity.

The NHM 2024 theme aligns with the 3-year celebration of Philippine Independence and the 125th anniversary of the First Philippine Republic in Malolos in January 2024, as well as UNESCO’s Programme for Schools 2023/2024 with the theme “UNESCO Intangible Heritage: 20 Years of Research and Promotion of Traditions.” This year, UNESCO dedicates its focus to Intangible Cultural Heritage, marking the 20th Anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Additionally, the celebration coincides with International Monuments and Sites Day on April 18 and International Museums Day on May 18. These global observances advocate for cultural heritage awareness, diversity, and conservation efforts. The following dates of the Subcommission on Cultural Heritage Committees Flagship Projects are as follows:

May 1

Kick-off Ceremonies at Kiangan, Ifugao coinciding with the Gotad Ad Kiyangan Festival of LGU Kiangan

May 2

NCCA Training on Cultural Heritage and Stakeholders meeting at Ifugao State University (Lamut Campus) implemented by the National Committee on Historical Research (NCHR) and National Committee on Archives in partnership with the Center for the Ifugao Rice Terraces as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) of Ifugao State University

May 8-11

National Summit of Church Archives and Heritage Workers: A Capacity Building towards the Conservation of Church Archival Heritage at the University of Santo Tomas Manila implemented by the National Committee on Archives in partnership with Society of Ecclesiastical Archivists of the Philippines

May 13-15

Kalimudan sa Kasaysayan sa Marawi: Cultural Tour, Seminar on Historical Research, and Stakeholders Meeting at Mindanao State University Marawi implemented by the National Committee on Historical Research (NCHR) in partnership with the Department of History of MSU- Marawi

May 14

Heritage Horizons: Charting Sustainable Futures for Boljoon and Beyond (Seminar) in Boljoon, Cebu implemented by the National Committee on Museums (NCOM)

2nd week of May

Educational Cultural Tour and Workshop with DepEd Teachers of Taguig implemented by the National Committee on Art Galleries (NCAG) in partnership with DepEd-Taguig

May 20-21

Conservation Management Plan Workshop at Cabadbaran, Agusan del Sur implemented by the National Committee on Monuments and Sites (currently being coordinated) in partnership with the Municipal Government of Cabadbaran

May 21-22

Seminar-Workshop on Developing Resilient Libraries at the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) Kalaw, Manila implemented by the National Committee on Libraries and Information Services in partnership with the NLP.

May 28

Kalimudan sa Kasaysayan sa Bukidnon: Seminar on Historical Research and Stakeholders meeting at Central Mindanao University (Maramag Campus)

Training and Workshop on Disaster Management in Libraries and Archives at Central Mindanao University (Maramag Campus) implemented by the National Committee on Archives in partnership with CMU

Closing Ceremonies for NHM 2024 (with launching of the Mindanao Peace Records Memory of the World Nomination)

*Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. will also be implementing activities for NHM.