Stylish Finds: These Jeans Can Accentuate And Sexify All Body Types *Like Magic*

By Stylish Team

BGC, Philippines — In this (seemingly forever) era of Kim Kardashian, BBL (see: Brazilian butt lift lol) and social media photo filters bordering already to body dysmorphic triggers, it is such a breath of fresh air to come across a staple fashion piece with a design technology that can bring out the sexy in you– without cosmetic surgeries nor photo edits.

Lee, one of the world’s leading denim brands known for its quality and innovation since its conception in 1889 in Kansas, USA, has proven yet again that it understands what a pair of good jeans is made of. Lee can indeed cater to the modern needs of fashionistas today with the launch of its new collection: Lee SS24 Shape Magic.

Christine Samson, celebrity of “It’s Showtime” fame, models the Lee Shape Magic during the launch event in March

The Lee Spring/Summer 2024 collection has highlighted its new Lee Shape Magic Jeans in a launch event at the Lee Studio in Makati recently– wherein female influencers, press members and niche celebrities of all body types got to try the new offering from the denim brand, and discover for ourselves what each piece can do for us style-wise.

We got to enjoy a photo shoot and a shopping party while trying for ourselves how the new Lee jeans can flatter our bodies. And honestly, the design technology and craftsmanship really did work like magic. Every woman in the room looked even more fantastic and sexier with the perfect fit of the jeans, bringing out each one’s confidence and sexiness even more. Every pair is not only stylish, but also a pick-me-upper that can make you feel good about yourself!

Stylish Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Marane A. Plaza and Stylish Magazine’s contributing fashion writer Aiz Gaufo attended the Lee Shape Magic launch event to try the all-new Lee Shape Magic jeans
Stylish Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Marane A. Plaza and Stylish Magazine’s contributing fashion writer Aiz Gaufo attended the Lee Shape Magic launch event and tried the all-new Lee Shape Magic jeans and they did work like magic!

Lee Shape Magic is ‘shapewear meets denim jeans’. We used the technology of a corset shapewear in the waist area of the jeans to accentuate the curves of a woman, while also hiding the tummy bulge. It is also meant to lift the butt. We also made sure the denim technology we developed can also make any woman’s legs look longer,” Bryan Mojica, Head Designer of Lee Jeans Philippines, explained in an exclusive interview with Stylish Magazine.

“The goal is to strenghten the fit of our jeans even more so we can uplift any woman’s confidence with the help of a great pair of denim jeans. The ‘body contour’ instruction of these Lee jeans is from our principal counterpart toward the brand’s regional direction, which we applied locally.”

TikTok influencer Lenie Aycardo wearing the Lee Shape Magic jeans of her choice

“Our designers have taken years to develop the perfect fit that makes the Lee Shape Magic that it is today, especially the combination of fabric, wash, and fit for the Asian market. And most specifically, for the Filipino market with their body proportions in mind,” he added.

Jeans are a timeless fashion essential, but it could be challenging to find a pair that can complement any body types.

Lee has assembled “a team of female scientists, designers and fabric experts to collaborate on the creation of Shape Magic Jeans” that brings to life jeans with design tech properties that minimize one’s body flaws and accentuate the assets that can make you look and feel sexier.

The Shape Magic Jeans also features unique pink elements in the details such as the pink Lee logo leather patch, pink X-tack stitching and pink rivets — so femininely apt suiting the female confidence.

Fashion influencer Sachzna Laparan was feeling herself as she donned the Lee Shape Magic jeans. Shape Magic High Rise Regular Straight Jeans priced at P2,990

“The Shape Magic Jeans series has a wide range of styles– from mid-rise to high-rise, skinny to straight, and narrow to boot-cut in various washes and colors. All accentuate your best features while minimizing the flaws. We shortened the inseam to fit the Filipina body type, too,” Bryan added.

The fabric feels light for a denim, but it is obvious that the fabric material is thick. The fit truly flatters any body types and does the job of making you look and feel sexy. In conclusion, the Lee Shape Magic jeans can uplift a woman’s confidence with its design technology and craftsmanship, which makes this fashion staple a must-have and a long-term investment you should include in your wardrobe rotation.

The prices of the new Lee Shape Magic jeans range depending on the style, which you may shop here. You may follow Lee Philippines‘ socials at @leejeansph on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok for updates, promos and shopping opportunities!