Women’s Month: This Female Visionary Advocates ‘Healthy Sensuality’ With New Wellness Drink

By Stylish Team

Because of daily busy hustle and stress, some women find it hard to connect to their sensuality and have the sex drive to be intimate with their husbands or romantic partners. 

Rossel “Shantal” Dimayuga, CEO and founder of Shantal’s Beauty and Wellness Products, noticed this common problem among married women specifically, and wanted to address this issue. 

Shantal has always been an advocate of catering to the needs of diverse, ever-evolving women. Having done research and case studies, Shantal and her team found out that the lack of sex drive among married women is one of the challenges that ladies are facing today. As a married career woman herself, she experienced how being busy and tired from work has affected her intimacy with her husband.

Envisioning to resolve this difficulty among women, Shantal and her team developed a wellness product that can change the way we manage our intimacy with our partners. This girlboss shared her vision and advocacy with STYLISH in a fun one-on-one interview.

“I believe that intimacy is one of the huge factors in maintaining our relationship with our husbands or romantic partners. And we can cater to our partners’ needs if we address our own issues with our own sex drive first. It is common among career women to lose their sexual appetite every now and then. As a woman, entrepreneur and woman empowerment advocate, I believe that any problems can be addressed as long as we focus on the solution.”

In 2022, Shantal decided to start developing a wellness product that can help both men and women to boost their sensual connections. She looked for the best chemist, formulator and team that she can work with to work on having her vision come to life.

After many case studies, product trials and consumer testing, Shantal’s Temptation Juice has finally come to life and is now ready for market consumption.

“I believe that intimacy is the core of every romantic relationship, and with this drink, we are hoping we can help you improve your intimate moments with your partner.”

“It’s a delicious drink in watermelon flavor that can be served as a cold drink perfect this summer. You are not only addressing your intimacy issue, but also satisfying your taste buds and sweet cravings!”

“We started our product development in 2022. It did not go very smoothly at first I must admit, because we had to have a really long patience to perfect the formulation,” she said. “But the product is truly worth the wait as we came up with Shantal’s Temptation Juice that truly is the answer to our intimacy woes. We really want to help romantic couples level up their intimate moments and be happier together.”

“Our chemist and formulator used imported raw materials to come up with an effective product that I can truly be proud of. After many product trials, we have had testimonies from women how our drink boosted their sex drive even after a long, tiring day at work.”

Due to their case studies, her team also found out that Shantal’s Temptation Juice has been proven to help aid and regulate hormonal imbalance among women for a healthy menstrual cycle. Even women with PCOS attested how the juice drink helped them with their monthly flow.

“Our product is truly empowering because it can help regulate the menstrual cycle. I tried it myself when I was having the same issue.”

Before launching her wellness product, Shantal has been an entrepreneur for many years, managing some businesses in fashion and real estate. A former employee of Watsons who was focused on beauty and wellness products years ago, Shantal knew early on that she’s always wanted a beauty and wellness product of her own that can help women with their problems and needs.

A skincare aficionado herself, this entrepreneur made sure that Shantal’s Temptation Juice is not just a product for improving sensuality, but is also a beauty offering that consumers can appreciate. With collagen and glutathione, this juice drink is also meant to brighten your skin for a radiant glow.

“So with our wellness drink, you are not just boosting your sex drive, but also leveling up your beauty and skin!”

This FDA-approved beauty and wellness product also comes in coffee drinks for all coffee-lovers, with the same formulation that can brighten and smoothen your skin, and amplify your sexual drive.

“For me, it is important that women embrace the importance of healthy sensuality. A healthy sex drive is not only good for our own physical needs and health, but also for the betterment of our relationship with our husbands or romantic partners. And when you have a healthy relationship, it can help a lot with our emotional and mental needs too, and so with our overall well-being,” she concluded.

You may now order Shantal’s Temptation Juice & Coffee at the Facebook page of  Shantal’s Beauty and Wellness Products at facebook.com/ShantalsTemptation.

Photo Production by The Stylish Team